XS Sights AR Armorers Block ($83)

XS Sights, the famed Big Dot sight manufacturer, has expanded its product offers from excellent pistol and rifle sights into a new armorers block for AR-pattern rifles. In fact, XS’s upper and lower receiver armorers block is designed to hold not only your traditional AR-15 but large receiver AR-10, SR25-pattern, and DPMS G2 receivers all-in-one tool, offering a true one size fits all solution.

Made in the USA from 6061 T6 aluminum, this versatile and durable armorers block comes with pins to lock in the receiver and fitment screw for the AR-15 lower. To allow bracing into the mag well of AR-10 lowers, XS offers a 3D-printed adaptor plate for additional purchase. For those who prefer to print their own, access to prints for the adaptor plate is available free of charge at xssights.com — a pretty cool offer. For more information contact XS Sights; Tel.: (888) 744-4880; web: www.xssights.com