Barnett Raptor Crossbow

Barnett Raptor Crossbow: $600

The all-new Raptor crossbow blends Barnett’s industry-leading technologies to create nature’s perfect string-powered hunting machine. As the newest member of Barnett’s HyperFlite family, the Hyper Raptor provides hard-to-match lethal performance. The Raptor launches small diameter 20-inch HyperFlite

arrows downrange at a blistering 410 feet per second, delivering 142 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy on target. The Raptor’s super-compact design is ideal for most crossbow hunting situations — especially those where the cover is thick. Weighing in at only 7.1 lbs. and sporting a width of just 7.25 in. axle-to-axle when cocked, this crossbow is nearly as nimble as its namesake.

Featuring an all-new exclusive custom step-through riser with Raptor limbs and Infinity cams, a TriggerTech trigger, and Barnett’s Soft-Lok Bristle Retainer System, the Hyper Raptor provides a high level of consistent accuracy. Pivoting limb pockets also offer exceptional durability, while the new Halo System eliminates cable crossing and cam lean to create balanced string travel for superior accuracy.

The Hyper Raptor comes hunt-ready with a Premium 4×36 Illuminated Scope,

3 HyperFlite arrows, a matching Premium Side-Mount Quiver, and a Sled

Rope Cocking Device (RDC) and has been designed to shoot the included HyperFlite arrows or standard diameter moon nock arrows. For more information, contact Barnett Crossbows; Tel.: (800) 237-4507; Web: