N8 Tactical Mini Xecutive IWB Holster

N8 Tactical Mini Xecutive IWB Holster ($34.95)

While the name N8 Holsters may be unfamiliar to you, the name CrossBreed will more than likely ring a bell. About three years ago, CrossBreed seized an opportunity, brought N8 Holsters into their fold, and moved production into their facility in Springfield, MO. One of the staples in the N8 line was its series of Xecutive IWB holsters; a highly concealable, minimalist holster primarily designed to help you hide and quickly present your full-size to sub-compact carry pistol.

Based upon the success of the Xecutive line, N8 is now offering a reduced-size version, aptly named the Mini Xecutive, which is compatible with SIG Sauer’s P938 & 238, Kimber’s Micro 9, S&W’s Bodyguard, and of course, Ruger’s LCP Max — to start. The Mini is constructed of a custom Kydex pocket for a precision fit and an adjustable retention system to meet your preferred draw and carry style. A taller sight channel and optic cut relief have been incorporated into the holster mold, while several different clip options allow for ride height and cant adjustments, making it ideally suited for deep concealment with both IWB appendix and hip carry. The holster can be further customized for comfort, clothing considerations, and reduced printing thanks to these clip options. For more information contact N8 Tactical; Tel.: (888) 732-5011; Web: www.n8tactical.com