Winchester 400 Legend Super Suppressed

Winchester 400 Legend Super Suppressed ($28)

Who knew the straight-walled 350 Legend had a bigger brother? Not us, until we were introduced to the 400 Legend. The big 400 is the latest high-performing straight-walled cartridge from Winchester. This hunting-specific cartridge offers deep penetration, excellent accuracy, and reliable knockdown — when you do your part — making it ideal for hunters. In its supersonic loading, Winchester claims its 215-grain Power Point offers 100% more energy on target than a 12-gauge slug at 100 yards, 55% less recoil than a 12-gauge slug, energy equivalent to a 450 Bushmaster with 20% less recoil, and 25% more energy than its kid brother, the 350 Legend. Capture your attention yet? This cartridge certainly has ours.

Now, today we’re talking about the 400 Legend subsonic load, the Super Suppressed offering, which quietly thrusts a 300-grain chunk of copper and lead down range. Optimized for use with a suppressor, umm, did we mention 300-grains is a thumper of a subsonic round? While we have yet to field test this round on game, we expect the 400 Legend is going to be one heck of a subsonic hunting cartridge, not just in a brush gun capacity, but on targets out to 300 yards and beyond. Pick some up at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Winchester Ammunition; Tel.: (800) 945-5237; Web: