MDT Oryx Bipod

MDT Oryx Bipod ($99.95)

Typically, when we see the letters MDT used in conjunction with one another, we hold our breath, as the price is going to be high — but so will the corresponding level of performance. In the case of the new ORYX Bipod, we let out a sigh of, well, confusion, as the $99 price point was unexpected. Think of the new Oryx as a feature-packed competitor to another manufacturer known for polymer everything, one that starts with mag and ends with pull.

Crafted from a high-quality polymer blend, the legs of the ORYX Bipod offer rigidity, strength, and stability. Thanks to its easy-to-use, one-handed design, deployment and adjustment are quick and effortless. Swiftly stow, deploy, adjust cant tension, and extend the legs with that same one hand. Drawing inspiration from soccer cleats and tire treads, its rubber feet all but guarantee traction on any surface. Available in either an M-LOK or sling-swivel attachment design, and in either black or black/FDE colors, the new ORYX is exceptionally worthy of your consideration should you be in the market for a high-quality bipod that resides under the $100 mark. See it at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact MDT; Tel.: (604) 393-0800; Web: