Elite Survival Systems CCW Shoulder Tote

Elite Survival Systems CCW Shoulder Tote ($69.95)

Thankfully, the firearm industry is beginning to move away from overtly tactical bags that fool virtually no one as to their potential contents other than those obliviously wandering through life. Part of the Women’s Designer EDC Line, the Elite Survival CCW Shoulder Tote is a top-quality shoulder bag designed specifically to blend in while providing quick access to a handgun. Constructed using durable fabrics for longevity and stylish prints for actually blending in, this bag is right at home, well, virtually anywhere. Color us impressed.

All zippers opened and closed better than any designer bag we’ve handled, while a nice large main compartment with a smooth lining demonstrated a high-level fit and finish. Multiple compartments and useable dividers ensured everything had its place, including a stealthy yet accessible loop-lined, concealed carry compartment secured by way of a smooth-operating zipper. Available in heather grey/black and white/brown striped versions, we think Elite Survival Systems hit it out of the park with this one. See it at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Elite Survival Systems; Tel.: (866) 340-2778; Web: www.elitesurvival.com