Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 AE L6 Pistol

A Picatinny rail machined into the barrel allows for optic mounting, and another machined into the frame for accessories. Magazine capacity is 7-rounds.

For testing, we mounted a Burris FastFire 3 red-dot sight ($287 to $299, on the top rail, and went to work from the bench at 25 yards.

We’ve tested several .50AE-chambered Magnum Research guns in the past—both in Desert Eagle and BFR revolver platforms—so we had an accurate gauge by which to compare. As it turns out, the inherrant accuracy of this cartridge doesn’t much care what Magnum Research barrel it’s launched from, as our L6 proved every bit as precise as its previously-tested brethen. Our best five-shot group came from the Samson 300-gr. jacketed soft-point load and measured an impressive 0.96”; to get a group that measured over 2-inches seemed to require intentionally throwing a shot…this is one dependably-precise pistol. Additionally, our test pistol ran like clockwork from nearly start-to-finish, with only one unexplained failure-to-feed very early on.

The integral 8-port muzzle brake does a commendable job of putting the brakes on muzzle flip.

Our sense is that the Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 AE L6 would make an excellent hunting pistol for hogs, deer and other medium game. It’s very well balanced, accurate, has plenty of knock-down power with manageable recoil for most handgun hunters, will accept virtually any handgun optic . . . and it’s a real good looker to boot. Contact Magnum Research, Dept. OT; Tel.: (508) 635-4273; Web: