Bootleg Direct Impingement Uppers

Final Thoughts

Trijicon’s 1-8x AccuPower gets you to the limits of the cartridge while facilitating fast shots at CQB distances. Offset Magpul sights make quick work of close targets, and at longer distances, the 16-inch Bootleg upper proved incredibly accurate. Combined with the Atlas bipod you are ready for just about any contingency.

Overall the 16-inch rifle is very light and handy—as light as any carbine out there, while not shaving weight with high cost Titanium or plastics. Everything on this rifle is high quality. Any doubt these meet the standards set by PWS = piston guns is eliminated after a single range session.

If you are looking for a complete DI rifle, using the PWS Mod 2 lower is a good way to go. PWS Mod 2 lowers (stripped and complete) are in production now and should be available in April. Complete uppers are available now through select dealers, so contact Bootleg to find one near you. For those looking to build their own, both Bootleg and PWS offer most everything you need and is really the best of both worlds from one manufacturer.

For more information, contact Bootleg, Inc., Dept. OT; Tel.: (208) 780-6155; Web: and Primary Weapons Systems, Dept. OT; Tel.: (208) 344-5217; Web:


Caliber:   .223 Rem. and 5.56 NATO with Wylde chamber

Action:   Semi-auto

Operating System:   Rotating bolt, direct gas impingement

Magazine Type:   M16/AR15 compatible

Magazine Capacity  :   10 to 45 rounds

Barrel Length:   10.75 and 16 Inches

Overall Length:   20.5 and 36 Inches

Weight:   6.8 and 7.5 pounds

MSRP:   Upper $989; stripped lower $229.

Complete Lower:   With SEV trigger and BCM furniture $599.

Accuracy Testing (16-inch upper)

Ammunition                               Velocity                    Group Size

Prime 77-gr. Match                         2,600                        0.75 inch

Prime 55- gr. Match+                      3,000                        0.85 inch

Remington 69- gr. Match                 2,700                        1.00 inch

Hornady 75-gr. SP 5.56 NATO          2,800                        0.79 inch


Groups tested from a bench using a bi-pod rest. Best 5-shot group at 100 yards shown. Velocity measured using a Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph.