Back to Massad’s 2011 review. “One area of the pistol that the bean-counters and cost-cutters apparently left alone was the trigger mechanism. The trigger pull was very consistent. As a rule, the famously smooth Kahr double-action-only trigger stroke runs around six and a half pounds. On this one, the average was spot on: 6 lbs. 9 oz. according to our Lyman digital trigger-pull gauge. It was every bit as easy and silky to run as the higher-priced Kahrs. Virtually everyone on the test team who handled this gun was of the impression that the trigger mechanism comprised the exact same internals as the flagship Kahr pistols, with the same degree of fit and polish on the bearing surfaces.”

Our testing for this review of the new CM9 Tungsten with Grip Glove was entirely consistent with Massad’s conclusions. After the obligatory 200 break-in not a single malfunction of any kind was experienced. Massad’s accuracy testing results from his 2011 review were so close to what we obtained that the differences are statistically insignificant. Massad stated “point of impact was very close to point of aim, and for me it hit just a whisker left at 25 yards, but not really enough to matter. The sight picture was easy to pick up and keep.” Our conclusion wqas also similar here, with our point-of-impact being just slightly low from point-of-aim.

Carring on Kahr’s tradition of uncanny downrange precision in their sub-compact pistol line, our CM9 drilled this 1.61-inch five shot group at 25-yards, using 115-grain Black Hills FMJ.

While Massad’s best 25-yard downrange result was printed using a 124-grain Black Hills jacketed hollow-point, producing a group that measured 1.85” center to center, our best group was with the 115-gr. Black Hills full-metal-jacket load, coming in at 1.61”. A neglidgeable difference, but when a gun this small produces full-size-pistol results from the bench, it’s hard not to be impressed. However, this is what we’ve come to expect from Kahr pistols…they consistently produce more-precise results than they have the right to.

Perhaps equally important, the CM9 Tungsten was just a delightful pistol to shoot. The rubber Tactical Grip Glove is a great traction enhancer, and its added girth put the distal joint of my trigger finger right over the center of the trigger—right where I want it. It offers a 3.0-inch barrel, 6+1 round capacity and weighs only 15.1 oz. empty with magazine. This one is definitely a keeper. See it at your firearms retailer, or contact Kahr Arms, Dept. OT; Tel.: (508) 795-3919; Web: