Surefire SOCOM RC2 5.56mm Suppressor

By Dave Bahde

Dependable performance under the harshest of conditions

At only 6.2-inches in length and 1.5-inches in diameter, the SOCOM556 RC2 remains one of the most-compact 5.56mm suppressor options available, while still effectively reducing sound and flash signatures. With its advanced high-temp-alloy and stainless-steel construction, it’s full-auto rated and also possibly the most durable 5.56 can produced today. Through advanced production methods, the SOCOM 2 series gets a price cut from the original (and still available) contract-winning SOCOM models, without a penalty paid in performance.

The term “workhorse” is overused these days, often outside of context. Its original meaning, a horse you could depend on for your livelihood, or if even your very life depended on it. Maybe not the prettiest or fastest, but the one you knew would get the job done no matter what. Surefire’s SOCOM series, especially the RC2 in 5.56mm is a perfect example of this concept. It’s not the lightest, nor is it heavy. Quiet enough for the real world, but not the most-quiet. But, it works, every time, on everything you put it on. Perfect for the warfighter it was built for.

SureFire’s Fast-Attach system is quick and has proven extremely reliable; simply line up the notch on the muzzle device with the cutout in the suppressor, push to fully seat, and rotate the Fast-Attach mechanism clockwise to lock. To detach, push the release button and rotate counter-clockwise. SOCOM suppressors have also proven to produce minimal point-of-impact shift when switching from suppressed to non-suppressed, allowing you to reliably count on your zero in either situation.

Surefire’s SOCOM Series suppressors defined the simple, reliable, and dependable rifle suppressor for the police or military user. Compact with minimal weight they mitigated first round flash, dust signatures, and included fail-safe baffles with strong and rigid quick-detach systems. The SCOCOM 2 Series improved on this, offering less weight, less back pressure, and minimal impact shift with removal and re-attachment. Constructed of high-temperature alloys and stainless steel they are full-auto rated and are continuing to see extensive use in the field amongst Special Mission Units and law enforcement. Designed for 5.56mm carbines with a 10.5-inch-barrel or longer, they have proven to be true workhorses on M4/M16-based rifles.

The new SureFire Warcomp muzzle device/SOCOM suppressor adaptor—available in both open (shown) and closed tine variant, and in both 5.56 and 7.62—is both an effective flash hider and compensator rolled into one. Like the rest, it’s machined from a heat-treated stainless-steel that is highly-resistant to corrosion and gas erosion.

Coupled with their Warcomp flash-hider/muzzle brake the RC2 offers substantial versatility. Flash suppression is excellent with moderate recoil mitigation and little muzzle blast at the shooter or anyone close. Attaching the suppressor results in very little impact shift while maintaining reliability. All suppressors shift some, but the Surefire SOCOM RC-2 does so with repeatability. Given practical distances you can pack your rifle unsuppressed, attach when needed and feel confident in your zero—critical in a self-defense or duty rifle.

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