Surefire SOCOM RC2 5.56mm Suppressor

All of SureFire’s previous SOCOM suppressor-ready muzzle devices will still interface with the second-generation SOCOM suppressors, although their first-generation suppressor adaptors will not. Sown here is the SOCOM compatible, closed-tine, birdcage-type SFCT flash hider.

Some of my earliest and most extensive testing of the RC2 was performed on the Daniel Defense MK18. Used extensively in Special Missions Units to this day, it is compact, reliable, and accurate. My upper has been used on both Daniel Defense semi-automatic and M16 select-fire lowers over thousands of rounds. Perfect for entry use, it has also been used from rotary platforms at various media events and training. Compact, it meets the criteria of most SWAT teams and is used extensively for entry teams and close-quarters use. Mated to my Tavor X95 it runs perfectly and maintains the short and balanced feel of a bull-pup rifle. Using a 16.5-inch barrel, this configuration gets you all the advantages for close-quarters work without losing the ballistic efficiency the longer barrel offers.

Included in the box with the SOCOM556 RC2 is a heavy duty, MOLLE-compatible carry case and cleaning brush. The only visual distinction between first and second-generation SOCOM suppressors is that the latter has a redesigned, recessed end cap.

Thorough testing in light weight and accurized 5.56mm carbines during a Proof Research media event, the RC2 proved its value out to well beyond 800 meters. EraTh3 rifles set up as designated marksman rifles were used extensively with solid accuracy and reliability using light-weight, carbon-fiber wrapped barrels. Subsequent testing on a couple dozen ARs and other carbines has proven this suppressor is a true workhorse

Surefire builds some of the most battle proven and street tested rifle suppressors on the market today. Long before they were popular, Surefire was providing exactly what our military, law enforcement and rifle enthusiasts wanted in a quick-detach suppresser suitable for use on any carbine. If you are looking for a proven design that will get the job done when your life depends on it under the harshest conditions then look no further than the Surefire SOCOM RC2 5.56mm Suppressor. For more information, contact Surefire; Tel.: (800) 828-8809: Web:

First round flash was nonexistent with the SOCOM556 RC2. Blowback was present, but not objectionable. Overall, we’ve learned we can count on this suppressor to do its job every time and deliver unwavering, reliable performance. If “battle-proven” and “workhorse” are two attributes you’re looking for in a .223/5.56mm suppressor, this is it.


Caliber           5.56mm (.223 Caliber)

Length           6.2 inches

Weight           17.0 ounces

Diameter        1.5 Inches

Retail              $1,099.00