Dan Wesson Wraith

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Long a fan of aggressive checkering this pistol was just a tad sharp. Its less about the LPI (lines per inch) and more about the points on checkering. All my personal 1911’s use 25LPI so the Wraith used my preferred texture, the points were just too sharp especially with the hunting loads. Touch up with some sandpaper can take the points down a bit, just be aware when shooting it out of the box.

Testing with multiple brands of ammunition, a bunch of different magazines and running both suppressed and un-suppressed, the Dan Wesson Wraith ran with 100-percent reliability throughout testing. The SilencerCo Osprey can performed equally as well, producing minimal blowback, excellent sound suppression, a negligible point-of-impact shift and no degradation of downrange precision.

If your government model holster has a closed bottom, threaded barrels won’t fit. You will need to open it up or use one designed for a threaded barrel. Those designed for 5” guns will have the threaded portion protrude from the bottom. My preference is to use a holster cut for a 6” pistol, my Kydex holster molded for my 6” 10mms worked fine. Several are available these days as the long slide 1911 is becoming quite poplar, just be aware.

Bottom Line

With four shots nearly on top of each-other and one just north, the Wraith proved capable of one-inch groups using Colt Defense 230-grain Match. For a production 1911—let alone a custom gun from one of the boutique manufacturers—it’s hard to ask for better performance than this.

Dan Wesson’s Wraith is typical of their higher end 1911s, excellent in almost every respect. Fit and finish is superb, parts are high quality, accuracy is stellar, about as good as it gets on a hunting or working hand gun. Operation was flawless using several different magazines. Threads on the barrel were clean and accepted not only the Osprey but three other .45 ACP suppressors currently in inventory. Out of the box it would make a fantastic hog hunter loaded with dedicated hunting ammunition like the Doubletap 450 short magnum, even some of the +P loads. Just change springs and go to work. The Distressed look is nice, looks worn without having to carry it for a few years. While not truly dull, it is not too shiny for tactical use or personal carry. If you have decided you need a full-sized stainless steel 1911 with a threaded barrel, the Wraith may be just about perfect. For More Information contact Dan Wesson Firearms, Dept. OT; Tel.: (607) 336-1174; Web: www.danwessonfirearms.com

Specifications: Dan Wesson Wraith

Caliber/Gauge: .45 ACP

Barrel: 5.75 inches

OA Length: 9.5 Inches

Width: 1.5 Inches

Height: 6.0 Inches

Weight: 42.3 ounces

Sights: Ameriglo Tritium Suppressor Height

Stocks/Grips: G10 Stippled

Action: Semi-Automatic / Single Action

Slide: Stainless Steel

Frame: Stainless Steel

Finish: Distressed Duty

Capacity: 8+1 (or any standard 1911 magazine)

Price: $2077.00


Cartridge                                                Velocity (FPS)             Best Group

Doubletap 160-Grain +P Barnes                 1,200                          1.25 Inches

Barnes TAC-XPD 185-grain +P                   1,000                          1.30 Inches

Underwood 120-Grain +P XD                     1,385                          1.40 Inches

Doubletap 255-grain 450 SM                     1,025                          1.80 Inches

Federal HST 230-Grain                              900                             1.45 Inches

Colt Defense 230-grain Match                    850                             1.00 inches