CZ P-10F Optics Ready

Mounting the SRO was simple, remove the cover plate, install the custom RMR plate then the SRO. Front sight was visible and usable in a pinch, rear sight was occluded by the SRO. A standard RMR was mounted with the same results.  Leupold’s Delta Point Pro is taller still but you could remove the pistols rear sight and use those that attach to the DPP. Word is that the CZ Custom shop will be offering suppressor sights for the P-10 Optics Ready pistols, but none available during the test. My personal preference is irons that co-witness with the RDS, but I can make it work otherwise and did just fine. Lining the top of the front sight with the back of the RDS it was POA / POI at around 20 yards. Just check at each distance and adjust your hold as needed. 

Blackhawk’s new T-Series holster (available in level 2 and 3 retention) was a great fit and proved extremely rugged. It’s thumb release proved both intuitive and fast.

Accuracy with the RDS at 25 yards is what I have come to expect—it’s the real sweet spot for a dot sight to me.  Best group came from the Barnes 115 grain +P TACXPD at around 1.5 inches.  Using the same ammunition, I put ten rounds into a fist sized glob on a 6” steel from the same distance.  Hornady’s 135 grain +P Critical Duty was almost as accurate, both were softer shooting with very little muzzle rise without regard to their +P rating.  Using some Black Hills 115 gran +P I was ringing that same 6” plate at 60 yards with authority using my truck bed as a rest; when people ask me why I carry an RDS EDC, this is why. It does not do much for me at CQC ranges but at extended range, where I would hope to be, or on the move it can be a game changer. 


Standard flush fit magazines are 19+1 and the P-10 F comes with two.  Pretty impressive capacity even for a full-sized pistol, adds two in comparison to most.  Want more? Just add more than a few available base plates and you are up to 21 rounds.  Great for duty, but even better for those involved in the action pistol sports.  Magazines are pretty easy to load to capacity and both worked great.

Running the pistol with Trijicon’s new SRO optic—which fits in the same footprint as the company’s RMR optic—the low bore-axis and longer grip frame of P-10 F both paid dividends in recoil and muzzle rise mitigation, allowing for very quick follow-up shots.

The P-10 F fit perfectly in both IWB and OWB holsters, most of mine have been “altered” where needed to fit an RMR and they also worked fine. Given the longer barrel the SRO sits pretty high and most holsters without extended sweat bands or similar seem to work just fine.  The SRO is a tad bigger than the RMR, even the DPP, other sights will likely have no issues at all.  Extended grip would make concealed carry a bit more cumbersome for most, but it can be done.  My guess is this pistol will find itself in OWB rigs in a duty or competition capacity more often than not. Blackhawk’s new T-Series was a perfect fit.  Very strong holster, designed primarily for duty use. Intuitive to release using your standard grip makes it quite fast and the P10F fit in both the level 2 and level three models. 

The best 25-yard, 5-shot group during testing was printed with Barnes 115 grain +P TACXPD, measuring out at around 1.5 inches. Using the same ammunition, the author put ten rounds into a fist sized group on a 6-inch steel plate from the same distance.

Reliability was as expected—excellent.  Having used and tested CZ pistols for well over ten years they always work.  Week ammo sort of spit out the side but never failed to eject, full power ammunition ejected with authority with and without the SRO installed.  If you are looking for reliability in a polymer pistol it’s pretty hard to beat a P10 no matter what size.

Ergonomics on the P10F are excellent for a full-sized pistol.  Barrel is 4.5 inches making it long enough but not overly extended for practical applications.  Replaceable grip backstraps accommodate most hands and are easy to swap out without compromising the grip to bore ratio. Trigger Is more or less flat making it easier to set up the perfect reach for most hands.  Rail extends the length of the frame to accommodate lights and other accessories.   

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a duty or working pistol with increased capacity, low recoil, and excellent ergonomics this should be high on your list.  Those competing in IDPA will find this an excellent choice, as it fits perfectly in the Carry Optics division.  Optic-plate choices are limited at this point and only available at the CZ custom shop, but that will change.  You can also use triggers and other upgrades from CZ custom shop only making it a better.  If you are a long time CZ fan you probably have one of these on hold already. If new to the line, take the time to look at and shoot one of these…we’d wager that you’ll walk away impressed. 


  • Action: Striker Fired
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 Inches
  • OAL: 8 inches
  • Width: 1.26 inches
  • Weight: 28.2 ounces (empty magazine)
  • Capacity: 19+1
  • MSRP: $590.00

Accuracy Testing

Ammunition                       Velocity                     Group

Remington 115 Grain +P HTP       1210                          1.90 inches

Federal HST 147 Grain                 1040                           1.70 inches

Hornady 135 +P Critical Duty      1180                          1.60 inches

Sig Sauer 115 grain 365               1100                           1.65 inches

Black Hills 115 +P TACXP             1225                          1.50 inches