SureFire SOCOM762 Mini2 .30-Caliber Suppressor

SureFire SOCOM762 Mini2 .30-Caliber Suppressor

By: Dave Bahde

This fast-attach suppressor is mini only in size, not performance

Made from high temperature alloy and stainless steel, and weighing in at 17 ounces (suppressor only), the SOCOM762 Mini2 measures 6.40-inches in total length but adds only 3.8 inches to the overall length of the weapon system when attached.

My introduction to the SureFire Socom762 Mini came in 2012 along with a number of other SureFire SOCOM Suppressors. Quiet enough to fight with, lighter, shorter, and with less back pressure than full sized models, it tended to be best suited to semi-automatics platforms. Most AR10’s at the time were barely serviceable as is and adding a suppressor made them all but useless, and unusable where lives were at stake. The advent of adjustable gas blocks and reliable piston driven AR10’s made the platform exponentially more reliable and the latest version of the Mini compliments them nicely.


SureFire SOCOM762 Mini2 Fast Attach Suppressor

SureFire’s latest Mini, the Mini2, is a .30-caliber suppressor made from high temperature alloy and stainless steel and weighing in at 17 ounces (suppressor only). Measuring 6.40-inches it adds only 3.8 inches to the overall length of the weapon system when attached. Sound reduction is impressive for its size, back pressure is reduced significantly and first-round flash almost eliminated. It quickly mounts to any SureFire Fast Attach muzzle device (5.56 or 7.62) and point of impact shift is minimal and consistent with no degradation in accuracy.  Optimized for 16” barrels or longer, it is a perfect match for the AR10 rifles of today.

With the 6.40-inch long SOCOM762 Mini2, you give up a little bit of sound-suppression performance compared to the 8.40-inch SOCOM762 RC2 (right), but if overall weapon balance and CQB maneuverability are of high priority, it’s a fair tradeoff.

Range Time

Using a 16-inch Proof Research barrel, my LWRCI REPR Mk2 Elite is insanely accurate and served as an excellent platform for this test. It’s 20-position adjustable gas block allows precise tuning, and the short stroke gas piston system keeps excess gas in the action to a minimum. SureFire’s Warcomp flash hider was attached to the muzzle for testing, which is one of three types of Q.D. muzzle device options to serve as an attachment point.

This Mini2 was surprisingly quiet (much quieter than my older model), especially for a short 30 caliber suppressor. Shooting side by side with a full sized SureFire SOCOM762 RC2 model, the difference was noticeable, but not huge, and not unpleasant to shoot without hearing protection. Most testing was completed with Hornady 155 Grain American Gunner, and while probably on the threshold of 140dB, it was more than fighting quiet.

Impact shift was consistently an inch low at 100 yards using Federal 168-grain GMM with no lateral dispersion. Hornady and Double Tap 155 grain loads shoot into 0.70 or less with regularity, and that did not change with the Mini2 thrown into the equation. Moving to 300 yards it maintained its sub-MOA accuracy, and at 600 meters it rang the steel with regularity and authority with Black Hills 178 grain ELDM. The Mini2 did not adversely affect rifle balance, nor did it hamper CQB maneuverability in and around the truck.

Reliability was excellent with the adjustable gas block set to (3), with brass ejection at about three o’clock and three feet. Excess gas at the ejection port was minimal compared to longer suppressors, keeping both the magazine and the shooter cleaner and happier.

The author’s test platform, an LWRCI REPR Mk2 Elite, saw no degradation in downrange precision or reliability, and minimal point-of-impact shift with the Mini2 attached. Sound reduction is impressive for its size, back pressure is significantly reduced compared to longer suppressors, and first-round flash almost eliminated.

Bottom Line

Flash at night on the first round was impressively-low with low-flash ammunition. Again, pretty impressive for size. Mated to the SureFire Warcomp or SOCOM 3-Prong Flash Hider, this is system is a huge advantage for professional use.

SureFire’s SOCOM suppressors are reliable and proven performers — well known attributes to law enforcement and military. I have first generation SOCOM762 Mini suppressor with thousands of rounds sent through it and it still works perfectly. Each generation gets quieter, lighter and produces less back pressure, and this SOCOM762 Mini2 represents the latest evolution of performance. If you’re looking for a compact and proven suppressor, this one needs to be at the top of your list.


CALIBER                                          7.62 mm (.308 caliber)

CONSTRUCTION                              High-Temp Alloy & Stainless Steel

COATING                                         Ionbond and Cerakote Finish

COLORS                                          Black, Dark Earth

DIAMETER                                       1.5 in (3.8 cm)

LENGTH                                           6.4 in (16.2 cm)

LENGTH ADDED TO WEAPON           3.8 in (9.6 cm)

WEIGHT                                           17 oz (482 g)

RETAIL                                            $1179.00

Three separate Fast Attach muzzle device/suppressor adaptors are available to mount the SOCOM762 Mini2: (from left to right) the SOCOM 4-port Muzzle Brake, the SOCOM 3-Prong Flash Hider, and the combination flash hider/muzzle brake that is the Warcomp Flash Hider. Bore sizes are available in 5.56mm. 6mm and 7.62 mm — all in the common thread pitches.