SAR9 Sport

SAR9 Sport ($800)

A few years ago, the Sarsilmaz SAR9-series of pistols was one of the best kept secrets in value-priced handguns, but word quickly got out, leading to its rise in mainstream popularity. The SAR9 rewards its users with flattering performance, making it a first choice for many to bring to the range with friends. It’s just so easy to shoot well. Credit should be given to a smooth, lightweight trigger pull with a clean break, an ergonomic grip and a low bore axis. The Sport comes standard with a slightly longer forged steel slide with cooling ports and a lightweight black polymer frame. Other features include a forged steel barrel, stainless steel frame assembly, enhanced trigger guard, striker status indicator, changeable left or right magazine release button and an extremely ergonomic grip design to absorb recoil. Magazine capacity is 17 and 19 rounds respectively. For more information contact SAR USA; Tel.: (833)727-4867; web: