Cold Steel Click N Cut Folder

Cold Steel Click N Cut Folder ($29)

No one likes a dull blade, especially on a hunting knife. Cold Steel’s new Click N Cut Folder features replaceable-blade hunting knife technology; designed to employ a thicker blade for added blade and locking mechanism strength for those more arduous tasks. This system delivers the same easy-to-remove/easy-to-install replacement blade system as the original Click-N-Cut fixed-length knives but with the convenience and compact storage of a folding lockback knife. Replacing a blade is as simple as partially folding the blade with the lock bar depressed, removing and replacing the blade, and allowing the lock bar to secure the bade in the closed or open position. The Click-N-Cut system makes blade replacement faster and safer than other systems on the market and is strong enough to handle the toughest jobs. This exceptional strength is credited not only to the rugged 1.5mm thick blades but also the use of Cold Steel’s heralded Tri-Ad® locking system, which offers safe and secure lockup and responds well with both positive and negative pressure. The Click-N-Cut Folder comes with two 2.75-inch blades— a drop point and a serrated utility. An ambidextrous pocket clip secures the knife conveniently in pants, over a belt, or in a hunting pack pocket. For more information contact Cold Steel; Tel.: (877) 269-8490; Web: