SCCY DVG Series ($370 to $470)

“My Way” could certainly be an alternate tagline for the pistol maker SCCY (pronounced sky.) The choices are near endless, allowing the customer to pick, choose and get exactly what they want, at least as it pertains to frame and slide colors, operating system, and sighting systems.

We like the slim and lightweight DVG-series pistol that offers a striker-fired action chambered in 9mm. When it comes to carry pistols, the 9mm dominates and strikes the ideal balance between overall platform size, weight, magazine capacity, and shootability. With 10+1 rounds on tap in a flush-fitting magazine, a flat-faced trigger, and great ergonomics, there’s a lot to love about the DVG series. Spring for the DVG-1RD model and you get a factory-equipped red dot pistol for an MSRP of $470 — a killer deal. I’d take mine with a black slide and bright orange grip frame, and it would have a permanent home in my fly-fishing vest. For more information contact SCCY; Tel.: (386) 322-6336; Web: