Stoeger XM1 Bullshark Airgun ($479)

Airgun popularity continues to soar as new technology and horsepower are poured into this category. Stoeger is no stranger to airguns and sets the bar high with its new bullpup-style Bullshark. This PCP air rifle features an integrated suppressor, has virtually no recoil, and lays down Olympic-grade accuracy (using premium pellets) while delivering a whole new level of compact handling, maneuverability, and performance. The Bullshark is fully adjustable and features recoil pad spacers, cheek pieces, and grips to ensure a custom fit. Finely tuned ergonomics provide optimal shooting comfort, and more shooting comfort leads to less fatigue, and less fatigue leads to consistency — all attributes you want in a precision instrument. Well, that and a nice two-stage adjustable trigger, which the Bullshark also has.

The Bullshark gets its propulsion from an integrated, rechargeable 2,900-psi tank, allowing it to launch about 50 shots per charge at muzzle velocities averaging about 1,200-fps (.177 cal.) and 1,000-fps (.22 cal.) using alloy pellets. The platform can be recharged with a hand pump or an air tank (an adapter is included). The Bullshark is fed pellets through a removable rotary magazine that holds seven pellets for the .22cal and nine for the .177 cal. version, both allowing quick follow-up shots on targets or small game. For more information contact Stoeger USA; Tel.: (800) 264-4962; Web: