Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen ($2,029)

“The Gentleman’s Gauge,” as it has been fondly referred to, is none other than the sweet sixteen — the 16-gauge. For many hunters, the 16 gauge is the ideal ammunition for the perfect gun. A well-designed 16-gauge is closer in weight to a 20-gauge, with a shot payload nearer to the 12-gauge, with patterning that bests them both.

Like its most revered predecessor, the Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16-gauge, the new A5 Sweet Sixteen is built on a smaller, lighter receiver for reduced weight and a sleek feel in your hands. It also benefits from the advantages of Total Barrel Dynamics and the Invector-DS choke tube system to extract the most performance from this timeless gauge. The humpback receiver profile increases the length of the sighting plane to give you the same advantage that John Browning’s Auto 5 is famous for. The A5, however, makes better use of kinetic energy with its powerful, short-recoil-operated Kinematic Drive System. Kinematic Drive harnesses recoil energy and converts it into the mechanical motion needed to operate the action. The result is supremely-consistent and reliable operation, even when dirty and subjected to extreme weather.

The Sweet Sixteen Upland is a fine representation of a modern upland field gun and takes full advantage of the rise in factory-produced 16-gauge ammunition and pairs it with a lightweight chassis and finely finished wood. With a weight of just over 6 pounds, it won’t weigh you down as you trample down the tall grass in search of roosters. For more information, contact Browning; Tel.: (800) 333-3288; web: