Silencer Central Banish Speed K

Silencer Central Banish Speed K

By: Ben Battles

Maximum footprint reduction, maximum durability

Silencer Central has built its reputation as a silencer distributor that simplifies the process of not only purchasing a suppressor, but also the arduous ATF Form 4 application process. Better yet, once your Form 4 has been given the green light, your suppressor gets shipped directly to your door. A huge kudos to them, as their assistance has directly contributed to the increase in suppressor ownership, suppressor education, and mainstreaming their acceptance across the shooting, hunting, and outdoor markets.

Compared to Silencer Central’s Banish 223 suppressor (bottom), the new four-inch-long Banish Speed K is a full three inches shorter, maximizing maneuverability in tight spaces. Due to its construction materials, the Speed K is slightly heavier than the Titanium Banish 223, but if a compact footprint is a priority, it’s a worthy tradeoff.

What many may not yet know is that Silencer Central also produces a line of their own suppressors under the Banish name. These suppressors offer a ton of value and, in some cases, are at the top of the classes in which they compete. The all-new Banish Speed K 5.56mm suppressor was designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition and law enforcement professionals and is entirely 3D printed with 100% Inconel for durability and lower heat retention. Fun fact: the Speed K passed an impressive seven rounds of SOCOM testing, which should leave the general consumer resting easy that this suppressor will go the distance and take the punishment of high round count/short duration firing schedules. The lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt, either.

The Speed K’s tube and integral baffle stack assembly are entirely 3D printed (i.e., no welds to fail) from 100-percent Inconel for the ultimate in durability/longevity. At the rear, you’ll find the industry-standard 1.375×24 HUB mount, which opens the doors to multiple direct-thread and QD mounting options.

Durability is only part of the news here, though — Silencer Central designed the Banish Speed K to be the shortest full-auto-rated 5.56mm suppressor currently on the market. At only four inches in length and two inches in diameter, the ultra-compact design of Speed K allows for freedom of movement in tight spaces, such as vehicles and hallways, etc., and is an ideal choice when maneuverability and speed are highly desirable traits. However, this begs the obvious question: How can such a short effectively suppress the high-pressure 5.56x45mm cartridge? While most 5.56mm cans come in at around 1.50 inches in diameter, Silencer Central stepped up the Speed K’s tube diameter to a full two inches, adding volume in circumference (the dimension that’s largely inconsequential to maneuverability and weapon manipulation) instead of length. Is the sound reduction on par with the company’s full-size Banish 223 suppressor? Not quite, but it’s still hearing-safe. Again, a maximum reduction in footprint was the goal with the Speed K, and with that, Silencer Central hit it out of the park.

The Speed K features what Silencer Central calls “controlled flow technology,” essentially a vented fourth baffle in its baffle stack totaling five. This venting reduces backpressure in the gas system, impacting the host weapon less and reducing the amount of gas in the shooter’s face.

The Speed K’s vented 4th baffle, or what Silencer Central calls “controlled flow technology,” means that there is only a 5.8 percent increase in blowback compared to unsuppressed shooting. This results in less harmful gas back into the shooter’s face and less mechanical effect on the weapon system itself. On a semi/full-auto platform, these advantages are huge.

Our main takeaways from the Speed K, outside of its handy package size, were an excellent size-to-sound-suppression ratio, no noticeable muzzle flash over the course of 300-plus rounds, and very little blowback. Silencer Central may have effectively created a new compact and virtually no compromise class of suppressors with the Speed K.

The Banish Speed K comes with a direct-thread, industry-standard 1.375×24 HUB mount, which allows users to attach one of the many direct-thread or quick-detach mounts on the market. Muzzle brake devices are also available for purchase. Need your barrel threaded to accept the Speed K? Silencer Central has you covered there, too. For more information on this bar-raising new suppressor offering ($1,199), contact Silencer Central; Tel.: (866) 891-4494; Web:


MSRP:                                    $1,199

Caliber:                                  5.56mm/.223 Rem.

Length:                                  4 inches

Diameter:                              2 inches

Weight:                                14.10 ounces

Construction Material:            Inconel

Full-Auto Rated:                    Yes

Finish:                                 Black Cerakote