New Hunting Accessories

Huntworth Softshell Camo & Stealth Touch Gloves

Huntworth AparrelPriced at $99 each, Huntworth’s new softshell jacket and pants are designed for all comfortable, season-hunting. The water resistant, polystretch exterior fabric is printed in Huntworth’s OakTree EVO camo pattern, a good match for most wooded environments. The fully fleece-lined pants feature a zipper/button front closure, wide belt loops, fleece-lined leg cargo pockets, large zippered front slash pockets and a rear zippered wallet pocket. Sixteen-inch outseam zippers in both legs permit donning or doffing the pants without removing your boots.

The mid-weight jacket’s is constructed from woven rip-stop, which is bonded to honeycomb fleece in the upper chest, 260-gram fleece bonded to honeycomb fleece in the body and 260-gram 2-way stretch fleece in the elbows for articulation.

The new Stealth Touch Gloves Shooters Gloves ($39.99) feature silicone palms that stick to slick surfaces like glue, skin fit stretch polyester bonded to plush fleece, conductive finger technology in the index fingers and thumbs for sensitivity, hunter orange accent stripes and a durable water repellent finish. Contact Huntworth; Tel: (877) 945-6837; Web:

Stealth Cam SD Card Reader/Viewer

Stealth Cam ViewerThe new SD Card Reader/Viewer from Stealth Cam ($99.99) is a handy device to view the images and video from your trail camera’s SD cards in the comfort of your easy chair. It features a bright 4.3-inch color LCD screen, SD memory card slot for up to a 64GB card, a headphone jack for audio playback (headphones not included) and a Mini USB port (USB cable not included) all housed in a rugged, rubberized case with rubberized buttons. It is powered by four AAA batteries (batteries not included). Contact Stealth Cam, LLC; Tel.: (877) 269- 8490; Web:

Bison Airlighter Rapid Fire Starter

Bison AirlighterThe new Airlighter Rapid Fire Starter from The Bison Co. ($79.95) is a portable, faster, cleaner and safer way to light BBQ grills, campfires, wood stoves and fireplaces. F3 technology ignites coal in 10 seconds, accelerates your fire to high heat in 1 minute or less, and gets you ready to cook in only five to six minutes. The Airlighter’s igniter and fan are powered by internal rechargeable batteries, and the powerful flame is produced by butane gas (on 1.5 oz. butane cylinder included). Any USB charger will work, or you can order one for $9.95. Extra fuel cylinders sell of $6.95. Contact The Bison Co.; Tel.: (845) 477-5049; Web:

Wildlife Research Magnum Scrape-Dripper Combo

Wildlife ResearchThe new Magnum Scrape-Dripper Combo from Wildlife Research Center comes with the company’s Magnum Scrape-Dripper and a 4 oz. bottle of Golden Scrape ultra premium scrape scent. The Magnum Scrape-Dripper drips only during the day time, and shuts down at night, conditioning bucks to come in to the scrape during daylight hours. It gradually intensifies scent output to get bucks even more excited. The Golden Scrape scent is a blend of Golden Estrus, Territorial Musk and intruding buck scents with subtle hints of fresh-scraped earth. The 4 oz. bottle lasts two to three weeks, and the dripper normally shuts down during rain to save the valuable scent. Pricing was not available at press time. Contact Wildlife Research Center; Tel.: (800) 873-5873: Web:

myCharge All-Terrain Survival Kit

myChargeThe new All-Terrain Survival Kit from myCharge is a 3,000mAh portable charger packed in a burlap sack containing five big Band-Aids, a 0.45 oz. tube of Solar Sense SPF50+ face and lip sunscreen and a Benadryl extra strength itch relief stick. The myCharge All-Terrain quick charger ($39.99) provides 22 hours of power for all of your essential electronic do-dads, housed in a military grade water-proof, shock-proof, dirt-proof and temperature-proof rubberized housing. It features a built in USB port, safe-cell Lithium ion battery and super-fast device charging time. It come with a lanyard and recharge cable. Pricing on the full Survival Kit was not available at press time. Contact myCharge; E-mail: [email protected]; Web:

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