I.O., Inc. AKM247-C AK-47 Rifle

We took advantage of the CNC-machined scope rail to attach an RS Regulate optics mount and Aimpoint Micro H2 red-dot for testing.

The factory trigger is one of the best we’ve ever seen on an AK. After about 1/8” of very light take-up, the trigger breaks crisply and cleanly at an average pull weight of 3 lbs. 4 oz. Overall, fit and finish were quite nice—and in our opinion—worthy of its asking price.

Fit of the laminated furniture seemed above average (no rattly, loose forend halves or sevearly ill-fiting buttstock) and the finish was on-par with other AK’s in this price range. The buttstock is fitted with a stamped sheet-metal buttplate butt plate and equipped with a sling swivel, to which we mounted the new lightweight Blue Force Gear Vicker’s One one-inch-wide sling.

Accuracy and reliability were tested from the bench at a range of 50 yards using the Aimpoint Micro H2 sight ($796); www.aimpoint.com). Rapid fire function testing with a variety of Hornady, Wolf and Tula ammunition revealed a gun that just wouldn’t quit. No malfunctions were encountered in over 200 rounds of function testing on steel plates. Perceived recoil was modest and controllability was excellent.

50-yard performance with the Hornady SST load was impressive.

“To test the gun’s mechanical accuracy, we opted to keep the Aimpoint mounted and dial the distance back to 50-yards to make up for the lack of magnification. While the other brands of ammo managed at least one 3-shot group that measured under two-inches, the Hornady SST load (which we’ve come to expect super-human performance out of) printed a best group of about 7/8 of an inch. There were others that were nearly as impressive, and for a standard- pattern AK, that ladies and gentalman is damn-good performance.”

See the AKM247-C at your gun shop, or contact I.O., Inc., Dept. OT; Tel.: (321) 499-3800; Web: www.ioinc.us