CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine

Shooting Experience

The faux suppressor—manufactured for CZ by SilencerCo—shrouding the Scorpion’s 16.2-inch cold-hammer-forged barrel is fully removeable, exposing common 1/2×28 muzzle threads to mount a real suppressor, or the muzzle-device of your choice.

First impressions are always important, and the Scorpion did not disappoint. For a lightweight polymer gun weighing less than 7 lbs., it doesn’t have the toy-like feel like of so many of its peers in the market. I give credit to CZ’s well-proportioned design and overall balance for that win! If you are expecting to experience a relatively soft shooting AR-esque carbine, prepare to be happily underwhelmed. Recoil? It was there, but barely.

The low-profile, fully adjustable, ghost-ring rear sight features four different aperture sizes with an adjustable front sight.

The longer sight-radius of the carbine model made for a noticeable improvement in precision iron-sight-work compared to the Scorpion pistol. The front sight is fitted with an elevation-adjustable post, while the rear gets a four-gang rotating apeture—each aperture having a different bore size. Both sights feature sturdy protective-wings. The Aimpopint Micro H2 red-dot shown mounted was also employed during testing.

If you love ghost-ring irons you are going to love what you see when you bring this gun on target! Similar to the HK MP5, the Scorpion’s charging handle does not reciprocate and is engaged by a straight pull back and an upward push to lock in place on the left side of the receiver.

Unlike the MP5, the Scorpion’s bolt locks back on the last round. To load, simply insert magazine and give the charging handle a solid downward smack and you’re good to go. This alone increases the fun-factor of shooting the Scorpion by a multiple of 10!

Regarding ergonomics, the selector switch digs into the hand a bit, but a slight adjustment of hand placement and grip pressure solves that issue. I am personally a fan of ambidextrous thumb safeties and was quite surprised to see that this aftermarket upgrade was already included on the Scorpion. Another feature falling into the ergonomics category is the Scorpion’s adjustable grip, allowing the shooter to tweak the reach to the trigger to best fit his or her hand.

Should you prefer the “straight-up” look, sans the mock suppressor, you can save yourself 50-bucks by going with the stand-alone barrel wearing a compensating muzzle brake.

The only feature on the gun that I wasn’t totally in love with out of the box was the rough, 9-lb. factory trigger. My initial impression was that it felt stiff, plastic and gritty. But let’s face it; this is getting quite picky about a part that most change on factory carbines anyway.

The Scorpion didn’t dissapoint from the 25-yard line, printing this best-of-testing, 0.84-inch five-shot group with Black Hills’ 124-gr. JHP load. Reliability was 100-percent throughout testing.

CZ does sell an enhanced trigger pack replacement if you feel the need to stay brand loyal. That being said, after a few magazines to get in sync with the gun I really complained less about it’s factory trigger. Sometimes it takes an investment of time and ammo to properly familiarize yourself with the gun before passing judgment.

To test the Scorpion’s downrange precision at 25 yards, an Aimpoint Micro H2 red-dot optic was mounted to the top rail. Working through a variety of hollowpoint and ball ammunition from Black Hills, Hornady, Federal and Winchester, the CZ carbine proved itself easily capable of 1.5-inch or less 5-shot groups. Its best group of the day came with the Black Hills’ 124-gr. JHP load, printing an impressive 0.84-inch cluster. Tough to complain about that! Reliability was also 100-percent, with no malfunctions whatsoever.

One of the undeniable highlights of the Scorpion platform are its inexpensive, reliable and readily-available 10, 20 (shown) and 30-round transluscent-smoked magazines. The carbine ships with two 20-rounder’s, unless you live in a communist state, in which case capacities will be truncated by exactly 50-percent.

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