Perks n’ Quirks

Everyone on the test team liked the sweet, match-grade trigger pull. And they unanimously appreciated its muzzle-light fast handling. Some found the trigger a little light for self-defense, this after all being a competition target gun by its very name, but I’m sure Rock River would be able to provide on order an LAR-9 with a trigger that required a bit more pressure.

The 32-round magazines were difficult to fill by hand. You’ll want an UPLULA or similar product to assist, or the sharp feed lips will make themselves known to your thumb.

American Eagle 115 grain ball and economy Aguila 124 grain ball both grouped very well from LAR-9, with the American Eagle taking a small victory in group size.

As you can see, our quibbles were minor. Overall, the Rock River Arms LAR-9 is a very nice little 9mm carbine. We were impressed with build quality and overall performance, which were totally in keeping with its MSRP of $1,569. If you are looking for something that fills one of the pistol-caliber carbine’s particular niches, you definitely want to take a look at the RAA Competition 9mm carbine.

See it at your gun shop, or contact Rock River Arms, Dept. OT; Tel.: (866) 980-ROCK; Web: