Sig Sauer M400 Elite

Final Thoughts

The sloped cheek-weld surface, curved rubber buttpad, large adjustment lever allowing quick and positive selection between the 6-positions, and ambi Q.D. sling mounts add up to make the M400 Elite’s buttstock a winner. Nothing here to complain about.

With the exception of no means to attach a sling to the handguard, the M400 Elite is about as good as it gets for an out-of-the-box rifle for self-defense or professional use. Iron sights would be nice, but honestly everyone has their favorites these days, so it makes it tough for manufacturers. For a duty rifle all you need is irons, a light, a sling and some spare magazines, adding the Romeo 5 makes it that much easier. Its not their best RDS, but it’s more in the price range of most officers these days, or anyone looking for a self-defense carbine. There are some great RDS these days, many cost so much they are out of most people’s reach. Much like the Romeo 1 for handguns this provides an out of the box RDS solution for most conditions that does not break the bank.

Sig Sauer’s M400 Elite is a solid and simple AR with most of the features people are looking for these days. Slim hand guard with M-LOK, six position stock, enhanced trigger, and solid construction. It adds another choice to a growing market of enhanced ARs without the big price tag. If you are looking for a solid AR the M400 Elite should be on that list. See it at your gun shop, or for more information contact SIG SAUER, Dept OT; Tel.: (603) 610-3000; Web:

The M400 Elite proved capable of sub-MOA precision with Federal’s 69-gr. Match, printing this 0.95-inch, 5-shot 100-yard group. Reliability was 100-percent throughout testing.


Model: Sig Sauer M400 Elite

Caliber: 5.56 NATO

Action: Semi-auto

Operating System: Rotating bolt, Direct Impingement

Magazine Type: M16/AR15 Compatible

Magazine Capacity: 30-rounds

Barrel Length: 16-Inches

Overall Length: 36 Inches

Weight: 6 pounds

Retail: $1,200; $1,395 with Romeo 5 Option

Sig Sauer M400 Elite 5.56 NATO

Ammunition Tested                                   Velocity                             Group Size

Federal 69-Grain Match                                  2,670                                .95 Inches

Prime 55 Grain Match +                                 2,970                                1.25 Inches

Remington 69 Grain Match                             2,650                                1.22 Inches

Hornady 75 Grain SP 5.56 NATO                     2,810                                1.50 Inches

Groups tested from the hood of my truck using a bag as a rest. Best group shown over five (5) shot groups from 100 yards. Velocity measured using a Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph.