Bottom Line

FN America has put together a solid working pistol here with an eye toward reliability, shooting comfort, accuracy, and long term function. It is soft shooting, accurate, and includes features geared toward working in most any condition. It works with any ammunition I could find, and carries well both with and without a light. If you want a pistol you can carry with the confidence that it will work when you need it to, the FN509 is an excellent choice. See it at your gun shop, or contact FN America, Dept. OT; Tel.: (703) 288-3500; Web: 

Ammunition                                     Velocity                      Group

Remington 115 Grain +P HTP             1170                            1.80 inches

Federal HST 124 Grain                       1150                            1.85 inches

Winchester Defender 124 Grain          1047                            2.00 inches

Hornady 124 Grain XTP                     1094                            1.50 inches

Groups fired from bag (rest) using the hood of my truck as a rest.  Distance of 25 yards, 3 five shot groups for comparison.    Velocity  in Feet Per Second (FPS) measured with a “Chrony” chronograph over three five shot groups.