Elevated Silence Evolution Suppressor

One of the reasons I use the LWRCI REPR 2 is its 18-position adjustable gas block that allows for precise tuning and proper ejection, which turned out to be between 3- and 4-o’clock using Hornady 155-grain American Gunner.  Having done this with a dozen different suppressors, each has been recorded. Most standard designs use settings 1 through 3, with many being over-gassed on the lowest setting. The Evolution required setting 2. By comparison, zero back pressure designs are typically set at 6 or 7, pretty much the same as unsuppressed.

Excess gas was present when testing on guns fitted with a non-adjustable gas block, but this is par for the course with most suppressors; it wasn’t enough to make your eyes water, however. Sound suppression was very good across the entire spectrum of test guns.

Excess gas on fixed gas blocks remained present, and as expected, the shorter the barrel the more excess gas. It won’t make your eyes water and start a coughing fit like some, but under rapid fire conditions it is not particularly pleasant, which just comes with the territory.

There was zero effect on accuracy—every rifle tested held the same accuracy as when unsuppressed. Removed for shooting with the brake and then re-installed, the Evolution held exactly the same point of impact. Impact shift from unsuppressed to suppressed was consistently 3.50 inches low (with suppressor), with little or no horizontal shift across all calibers tested.

Bottom Line

My Geissele put three rounds of Black Hills 77-grain TMK into a tad under .40 inches at 100 yards with the Evolution attached. Every rifle tested held the same accuracy while suppressed as when unsuppressed. Removed and then reinstalled, all test guns returned to zero.

Like every “do it all” device, using one can for multiple rifles is a compromise. It worked fine on the 8.5-inch .556—it just made it longer than a standard carbine. It ran great on the bolt rifle, with no sticky bolt or excess gas. It ran just fine on fixed (non-adjustable) gas guns with less excess gas than most.  Accuracy was unaffected, and you literally could walk it between a 5.56 SBR and a 24-inch barreled Magnum with no issues. Full-auto rated, the Evolution should last a lifetime. If you want a multi-caliber suppressor, this is one of the best I’ve tested so far and deserves a close look. See the Evolution at your gun shop, or for more information contact Elevated Silence; Tel.: (850) 633.4545; Web: www.elevatedsilence.com


RETAIL PRICE:  $1,199 (with three brakes)

CALIBERS: .17HMR TO .300 Win. Mag.

LENGTH: 8.25”


WEIGHT: 15.3 oz.