2019 Editor’s Choice Award – CZ P-10S Optics Ready

An outstanding subcompact carry option—especially if mounting an optic is a requisite

Available separately, the P-10 S will accept optic-mounting plates for the Trijicon RMR (shown) and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Iron sights consist of a serrated-black rear and Tritium front with a bright orange surround.

CZ USA’s P-10 Optics Ready line has become a fast favorite for just about anything you can do with a semi-automatic pistol. They offer complete reliability, an excellent trigger, great sights and proven CZ attention to detail. Manufactured in their Kansas City facility, they are built on state of the art machines using cutting edge technology. Priced competitively, they offer a great option for new buyers and dedicated enthusiasts alike.  Their new S (subcompact) version completes the line of duty and carry capable Optics Ready pistols.

CZ P-10 S (Optics Ready)

All of CZ USA’s optics ready pistols ship with a cover plate installed and standard height sights. Plates are currently available to fit the two most popular red dots: the Trijicon RMR and the Leupold Delta Point Pro, along with taller sights that co-witness through the red-dot. The rear sight is black with no dots, serrated and with a leading edge that lends itself to unconventional reloads. The front sight uses a large orange doughnut surrounding a tritium insert. Locking in place it stays put under the harshest use. The magazine release is reversible, and offers the optimum angle for ease of access.  The trigger is crisp and exhibits less take-up and overtravel than most. Ergonomics are excellent, providing a comfortable grip that locks into your hand. Magazine capacity is 12-rounds, but the higher capacity magazine found in the compact and full-size versions will work. Barrel length is 3.5. inches, and the gun is rated for +P ammunition. It ships in a hard-plastic case with two magazines.

Range Time

Included in the box are two flush-fit 12-round magazines (the pistol will also accept the higher-capacity versions of its big brothers) and three interchangeable palm swells to tailor fitment to the shooter’s hand.

Testing was completed using a Hawg Holster designed for a Glock 19. Fit was a bit tight, but workable. These holsters are very comfortable and use the “Ulticlip”, which locks onto your belt or clothing, are easy to get on and off and can be covered by your shirt or belt offering excellent concealability. The Kydex is embossed in a carbon fiber look, and it molds tightly to the handgun. Skeptical at first, the Ulticlip is growing on me.  Used with a pair of shorts, the holster stayed put under repeated presentations.  The material is strong but thin and is very comfortable to wear, even against bare skin.

The serrated slide stop and checkered magazine release are large and easy to manipulate. Slide stop is ambidextrous and mag release button is swappable to right side for southpaw’s. CZ’s P-10 triggers have always been a high point—crisp and less take-up and overtravel than most.

Accuracy with the CZ P-10 S was solid with everything tested. The best 5-shot/25-yard group came from Hornady’s 115-grain Critical Defense at 1.95-inches. One of my favorite carry rounds, it is soft shooting with proven performance and solid accuracy. The best performance from the other loads—Speer 124-gr. Gold Dot +P, Federal HST 147-gr., Hornady 135-gr. +P Critical Duty and Ammo Inc. 147-gr. Subsonic FMJ—also worked well, turning in best groups at or just over two inches at 25 yards. Recoil was noticeable with the heavier bullets, but P-10 pistols are all soft shooting for polymer-framed handguns.

Reliability was excellent, with no stoppages or malfunctions of any kind. Like most compacts my little finger rested under the grip, but it did not adversely affect control or accuracy. The front sight is easy to pick up and my preference for plain black rear sights (no dots) made it about perfect. Carry was comfortable, both on the hip or with appendix carry. The grip is short enough not to print under light clothing; adding a jacket makes it completely disappear.

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