2019 Editor’s Choice Award – POF Revolution DI .308

Range Time

Making this level of investment and having poor downrange results has never been a concern with any of the POF guns On Target has tested in the past 15-years. The Revolution kept up this tradition with easy sub-MOA precision.

As of writing this, I have been testing the Revolution in 6.5 Creedmoor for the last few months and its accuracy has been impressive. This .308 version was equally as accurate. My best 100-yard group measured in the 0.70-inch range. Everything tested under an inch at 100 yards. Moving to 300 yards it put 10 rounds into just over 3.5 inches fired pretty quickly.

There were no stoppages or other failures with a wide variety of ammunition. Adjusting the gas made that pretty easy, it even ran some Corbon MPR loaded with the 125-grain Sierra TMK—a round that makes many AR-10s stumble. It also runs suppressed as well as any DI AR-10.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a light, accurate, and reliable .308 that does not break your back (and possibly not your bank either) give this one a very long and hard look! See the new Revolution DI at your nearest dealer, or for more information contact POF USA; Tel.: (877) 561-9572; Web: www.pof-usa.com

Helping contribute to the Revolution’s unbelievably-light, 6.8-pound overall weight is a 6-ounce MFT Battlelink Minimalist adjustable buttstock riding on a POF Anti-Tilt buffer tube, designed to prevent bolt-carrier tilt. Rear QD sling mounts can be found under the stock and in the aluminum receiver end plate. A heavily-textured and steeply-angled MFT Engage Version 2 pistol grip is also standard equipment.


Caliber/Gauge: .308 Win / 7.62x 51mm
Barrel: 16.5 inches
OA Length: 37 inches extended
Weight: 6.81 pounds
Sights: Flat Top Rail
Stocks/Grips: Mission First Tactical buttstock and pistol grip
Action: Rotating bolt, direct gas impingement
Finish: Hard Anodized
Capacity: SR25 Compatible
Price: $2,669