Birchwood Casey AR-15 Cleaning Kit

Birchwood Casey AR-15 Cleaning Kit ($29.99)

Nobody likes cleaning their AR-pattern rifles, including us. When we do, however, Birchwood Casey has become a solid tool option. What we like most about the 22-piece kit is the form factor. Everything in the kit has a place, and each piece is visible through a transparent plastic lid. At a quick glance, you’ll know whether or not the kit has what you’re looking for — far better than a snap-close nylon bag most of us have relied upon that rarely has precisely what we’re looking for, even after spreading its contents across your shooting bench.

The 22-piece kit includes a variety of brushes, rod sections, picks, scrapers, chamber swabs, and an ergonomic handle. All the kit requires is some carbon cleaner and lube, which your range bag should already contain. See it at your nearest dealer or contact Birchwood Casey; Tel.: 877-269-8490; Web: