Best Of Shot Show 34 of 38: Surefire Sidekick Ultra-Compact LED Flashlight

The new Sidekick ultra-compact LED flashlight from surefire ($79.99) is rechargeable and was designed to attach to keys so it’s always available. This polymer-bodied light features three selectable output levels. On high it produces a wide, smooth, 300-lumen MaxVision Beam that illuminates all dark areas at night, providing security and navigation with a useful range well past 50 meters, with a runtime of one hour. Its medium-output (60 lumen/4 hours) and low-output (5 lumen/45 hours) settings offer longer runtimes and more than enough light for reading, close-up work, or even navigating outdoors while preserving dark-adapted vision. Measuring only 2.5” long, and weighing only 2.0 oz. with Lithium Ion battery, the Sidekick is recharged via a micro USB port. Other features include a high-performance LED and special faceted reflector, a click-type switch accesses all three output levels with repeated presses and a weather-resistant polymer body. And it’s backed by Surefire’s No-Hassle one-year warranty.

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