Wilson Combat WCP365 X-MACRO Grip Modules

Wilson Combat WCP365 X-MACRO Grip Modules ($74.95)

We always thought that SIG did a pretty decent job on the dimensions, contouring, and texturing of the factory P365 and P320 polymer grip modules … until we tried the Wilson Combat WCP365 and WCP320 grip modules on for size, that is. Having been out for a couple of years now, Wilson just recently released two new versions of the WCP365 modules in the extended X-MACRO grip length — one with a short and one with a standard-length dust cover. The short model will fit all sizes of the P365, while the standard-length version fits the XL and X-MACRO slides and features a Picatinny accessory rail.

Available in black, grey, green, or tan colors, the WCP365 X-MACRO has the same molded-in “Starburst” grip texturing that we instantly fell in love with on the original. And, just like the original, the WCP365 is compatible with Wilson’s tungsten grip weights, which can help take some of the felt recoil out of the pistol, especially with hotter duty loads. Among the deviations from the factory module are a high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang, modified backstrap, undercut front strap, and reshaped/radiused trigger guard. A factory SIG mag release, spring, and lock are part of the package. For more information contact Wilson Combat; Tel.: (870) 545-3618; web: www.wilsoncombat.com