Federal Premium Personal Defense Hydra-Shok Deep Ammunition

Federal Premium Hydra-Shok handgun ammunition has proven itself as a top-performing self-defense round since its introduction in 1989. Their new Hydra-Shok Deep builds on this time-tested platform with design improvements that better meet modern performance measurements. The bullet features a more robust center post and a core design that penetrates to optimal depths through the barriers most commonly encountered in self-defense situations. Hydra-Shok Deep is available in .45 ACP with a 210-gr. Hydra-Shok Deep Hollow Point bullet at a sub-sonic muzzle velocity of 980 f.p.s. ($33.95 per box of 20), .40 S&W with a 165-gr. Hydra-Shok Deep Hollow Point bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1,050 f.p.s. ($31.95 per box of 20) and 9mm Luger with a 135-gr. Hydra-Shok Deep Hollow Point bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1,060 f.p.s. ($27.95 per box of 20). They all penetrate 15 inches in bare ballistic gelatin, which is the ideal penetration depth according to current FBI standards, and all are loaded with specially formulated propellants and extremely reliable Federal primers. The original Hydra-Shok handgun loads have been standard issue for decades by more law enforcement agencies than you can count, and have one of the best one-shot-stop records of any ammunition ever produced. Hydra-Shok Deep only improves upon this round’s enviable performance record. Pick up a box of Federal’s 2018 On Target Editors’ Choice Award winning Hydra-Shok Deep at your gun shop, or contact Federal Premium Ammunition; E-mail through their website; Web: www.federalpremium.com