Range Time

Bill Wilson did his homework on the 300 HAM’R, optimizing the twist rate to squeeze the most downrange precision out of this cartridge. The load that performed best for the author was the Wilson Combat 110-gr. Lehigh Controlled Chaos, printing this 0.40-inch edge-to-edge group. We rest our case.

The level of consistency when it comes to accuracy has been one of this cartridge’s biggest assets. No matter the bullet weight or barrel length, it has proven to be a sub MOA performer, and more often than not, closer to half MOA. My best groups always come with the 110-grain Controlled Chaos—a bullet made specifically for the 300 HAM’R by Leigh Defense. Every group fired at 100 yards was under 0.75 inches, with my best 5-shot group measuring less than 0.50 inches edge to edge. Groups at 300 yards were in the 2.70- to 3.50-inch range across the board. Overall, it fairs much better than the 300 BLK at distance Wilson Combat’s 300 HAM’R has the same energy on target at 300 yards as the 300 BLK does at roughly 150 yards, and with almost 10 inches less drop. Does everyone “need” that energy? Maybe not, but if you will see game animals (or threats) at 300 yards, the 300 HAM’R is a far better choice. Perceived recoil with this cartridge is about the same as a 300 BLK using stouter loads.

If you want one AR rifle to protect home, range, livestock and family, then take a look at the .300 HAM’R—it may be exactly what you need. See the new .300 HAM’R Protector Series at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Wilson Combat; Tel.: (800) 955-4856; Web: www.wilsoncombat.com

Whether up close or at distance, the 300 HAM’R fairs much better than the 300 BLK or 7.62x39mm cartridges, with healthy velocity and energy wins over both. Groups at 300-yards were in the 2.70- to 3.50-inch range with all 300 HAM’R loads tested.


Caliber/Gauge: .300 HAM’R

Barrel: 16.5 inch/1-15 Twist

OA Length: 39 inches extended

Weight: 6-pounds, 3-ounces

Sights: Flat Top Rail

Stocks/Grips: Rogers Stock, Wilson Combat Grip

Action: Rotating Bolt Direct Impingement

Finish: Hard Anodized

Capacity: Standard AR15 capacity (300 BLK magazine preferred)

Price: $1999.95