Velocity Triggers Remington 700 Triggers

Tom Vehr of Velocity Triggers in Phoenix, Arizona has designed and is now producing triggers for the ubiquitous Remington 700 rifle. Available in black, blue red or green, with your choice of straight or curved trigger blades in black or matching colors, the new Velocity Remington 700 triggers are priced at $169.95. The new design is a drop-in replacement for all short- and long-action Model 700 tiggers. Among its standard features, the Velocity Model 700 tigger is user adjustable for pull weights ranging from 2.0 to 4.0 pounds (it comes from Velocity set at 3.0 pounds), and it eliminates the excessive creep and overtravel found in Remington factory triggers. Perhaps its most unique feature is the ability to put the safety selector on safe in the fired position and then cock the bolt with the safety on. Contact Velocity Precision Engineering; Tel.: (602) 595-5931; Web: