Leupold Pro Guide Tripod Kit & SME Shot-Spot Wifi Camera

Leupold Pro Guide Tripod Kit ($600)

The use of lightweight shooting aides have been in use since someone discovered a musket could be fired more accurately in the field when its forend was stabilized with a pair of crossed sticks. Ever since that time, riflemen have been improving upon that concept as they experimented with practical methods of stabilizing their guns for longer-range precision shots. The tripod has become so lightweight, maneuverable and easy to adjust that many professional shooters (read snipers) and recreational hunters alike have begun taking them into the field with them. The pack space they take up is well worth the many benefits they provide — both as a shooting platform and for long-range spotting scope glassing.

For 2021 Leupold has released its Pro Guide Carbon Fiber Tripod that delivers incredible versatility and performance in a nice, small package, yet expands to a maximum height of 67 inches and a minimum of 6.7 inches when utilizing the three pivot locks. Its smooth ball-head action and Arca-Swiss head mount will integrate with most of your existing accessories and optics, while the four twist and lock carbon fiber leg sections are perfect for making almost any height adjustment on the fly. This tripod is so stable, we have achieved sub-3/4 MOA groups at 100 yards from a kneeling position and 1,000-yard standing shots on MOA steel. For more information contact Leupold; Tel.: (800) LEUPOLD; Web: www.leupold.com


SME Shot-Spot Wifi Camera ($199.99)

Looking to streamline the sight-in process of your hunting rifle? The Bullseye Spot Shot WIFI Spotting Scope Camera with Screen is a digital video camera equipped with an integrated 2.4-inch high-resolution LED viewing monitor that works your spotting scope equipped with a 1- to 1.5-inch eyepiece. The device is a dual-function system that can operate as a stand-alone target viewing system or, when combined with the Bullseye Target Manager app, pairs with your mobile device. The tilting LCD screen can be adjusted for high- or low-angle viewing to help eliminate background glare. When using the camera in full sunlight, the blackout hood ensures a bright, high-contrast view of the LCD screen, effectively relieving eye strain that often accompanies long periods of looking through a spotting scope. An integral rechargeable lithium battery delivers 8 to 10 hours of use between charges, while a micro USB charging port and cable allow charging from mobile or stationary power sources. For more information contact Shooting Made Easy (SME); Tel.: (877) 269-8490; Web: www.gsmoutdoors.com