Taurus TX22 Competition SCR ($590)

For those who read our review of Taurus’ TX22 competition, you know we’re huge fans of the platform, and you’re familiar with all the reasons why. What we discovered post-article is that Winchester’s M22 coupled with an AAC Element2 suppressor produced consistent dime-size five-shot groups at a little over 30 yards. This pistol loves to be suppressed. The mechanical accuracy, shootability, the ability to customize, and this platform’s awesome ergonomics equate to a grand slam for Taurus.

While we certainly prefer suppressors to muzzle devices like comps or flashiders — especially on our .22LR pistols — Taurus’ new SCR variant of their TX22 comp sees the addition of a four-port comp. We think it’s a placebo, but you may love the looks and the added muzzle weight, which may be a win in your book, so we’re good with its addition. Thankfully, the comp is easily removed should you decide to thread a can on and burn down the Bianchi Cup in your backyard, all without disturbing the neighbors. The SCR also sees a tougher aftermarket extractor and custom bull barrel with a polished feed ramp. Regardless of how the day ends up, you’ve still got a winner on your hands with the TX22 Competition SCR. For more information contact Taurus USA; Tel.: (800) 327-3776; Web: www.taurususa.com