Benelli Super Black Eagle 28-Gauge ($1,799 to $1,899)

Benelli Super Black Eagle 28-Gauge     ($1,799 to $1,899)

For 2022, Benelli raises the bar in the growing “sub-gauge” movement with the release of its Super Black Eagle in a 3-inch-chambered 28-gauge. While not originally a believer in the 28-gauge for “real” hunting adventures, our assumptions were quickly debunked and disproven with a dose of real-world experience afield. In short, a 3-inch 28-gauge load paired with the handling characteristics of a Benelli shotgun equates to a pheasant-slaughtering combination that must be seen to be fully understood. We’re talking long shots too.

The new SBE 3 models continue the legacy of high performance coupled with the rugged reliability that has made the Super Black Eagle the first choice among hardcore shotgunners — but in a lighter weight, faster-handling package ideally suited for those decoyed birds in flooded timber. Offered in Crio-treated 26- and 28-inch barrel lengths, the 28-gauge SBE 3s are modest 5.5 and 5.6 pounds, respectively.

While these 28-gauge SBE 3 models work with standard 2-3/4-inch shotshells, hunters can tap into the new class of 3-inch loads rolling off the premier ammunition lines. This diversity significantly broadens the 28-gauge SBE 3’s single-platform field applications.

If your preferred hunting grounds include long walks in tight wooded corridors (but are not limited to), the lightweight, quick-handling Super Black Eagle in 28-gauge just might be an ideal choice for your pursuits. For younger, older, or smaller statured hunters looking to extend their range but not increase their shoulder pain, you’d be hard-pressed to choose a more effective tool than Benelli’s 3-inch 28-gauge SBE. For more information contact Benelli USA; Tel.: (301) 283-6981; web: