Sig Sauer P320 AXG Legion

Sig Sauer P320 AXG Legion

By: Guy Coursey

Sig Sauer has taken another step closer to world domination

The Sig P320 AXG Legion is Sig Sauer’s newest edition to its Legion line of pistols, and for those not familiar, the Legion series is for those who are not satisfied with good enough, or even very good. Each Legion pistol is essentially an upgraded and distinctly marked version of a pre-existing Sig offering, such as the P320, P226, and P229, each “representing the pinnacle of performance engineering .”Owning a Legion pistol also means you get exclusive benefits and gear from Sig Sauer that those outside the club do not. Though already a Sig fan on many levels, to date, I have managed to resist the temptation to become a member of the Legion, being quite satisfied with the normal Sigs I already own. Now, after having experienced shooting the P320 AXG Legion, I am considering taking the plunge and joining the club. Read on to understand why.

One of the more distinctive and useful features of the new P320 AXG Legion is its full-size slide with an integrated two-port expansion chamber (aka compensator) paired with a compact 3.9-inch barrel. According to Sig, the expansion chamber creates an up to 25 percent reduction in recoil. Sig’s own ROMEO2 optic was used for testing, but the pistol will also accept a Leupold Deltapoint Pro or Trijicon RMR/SRO optic.

Several features make the Sig P320 AXG Legion distinctive. First, as the name would suggest, is the customized AXG frame. While the standard P320 polymer frames are perfectly serviceable and come in many configurations, some shooters prefer the strength and weight of metal. In 2019 Sig introduced the aluminum AXG frame to meet that desire. The AXG frame provides a very solid feel and balance that the polymer frame can sometimes lack, depending on the configuration of the P320. Added to the Legion AXG frame are G10 grip panels etched with the Legion chevron logo, an embedded G10 stippled backstrap, and checkered front strap with a trigger guard undercut that provides an exceptionally positive gripping surface. The frame includes a flared magazine well that makes mag changes simple and fast. Rounding the frame out is a high-cut beaver tail and a Picatinny accessory rail forward of the trigger guard. The trigger is the same skeletonized, flat-style Sig Custom Works trigger found in the Sig P320 X-5 and similar models. My trigger broke at an average of 3.75 pounds, with a short take-up followed by a bit of travel before a crisp break and reset. The mag release, slide stop, and takedown lever are all standard P320.

The P320 AXG Legion is built upon Sig’s AXG aluminum grip module for added rigidity, weight, and balance, as compared to its polymer counterpart. The slide and frame finish are both Legion Gray Cerakote. Aggressive checkering can be found on the front strap, the front face of the trigger guard, and the magazine release button, and enhanced cocking serrations make for a solid purchase when manipulating the slide.

The second distinctive feature of the P320 AXG Legion is its slide, most notably an integrated two-port expansion chamber (aka compensator) cut at the top near the muzzle. This takes what is, in essence, a P320 Carry slide with a 3.9-inch barrel and increases it by an inch. Compensators redirect the expanding gases to help minimize muzzle flip and felt recoil. Typically, a compensator is an add-on placed on the end of a threaded barrel, which can involve constant vigilance to ensure the device stays aligned and in place. Compensators cut straight into the slide are relatively rare. However, Sig Sauer caused a stir in the shooting community roughly a year ago with its release of the Sig P365 X-Macro, an upsized version of their uber-popular P365 XL concealed carry pistol. The X-Macro includes an integrated two-port compensator, which may have inspired the one in the P320 AXG Legion. The slide also includes an integrated cut for Sig Romeo 1 and 2 red dot handgun optics and shares the same footprint as the Leupold Delta Point Pro. The slide is topped with effective Sig X-Ray 3 night sights and the Legion chevron engraved just forward of the ejection port. Enhanced slide serrations are cut both fore and aft. Both the slide and the frame are Cerakoted in an attractive “Legion Gray .”The Sig P320 AXG Legion comes with three 9mm 21-round magazines (or three 10-rounders for those living in the occupied territories) in a plastic Sig pistol case with the usual gun lock and literature.
It should be relatively obvious that the primary purposes of Sig P320 AXG Legion are competition shooting, particularly USPSA, and duty. Beyond the features described above, the pistol weighs in at 36 ounces (2.25 lbs) with an unloaded magazine inserted. Fully loaded, it is nearly three pounds. Combined with its size, this may preclude its use as a daily concealed carry piece for most. Sig advertises a 25 percent reduction in felt recoil between the increased weight and integrated compensator with the P320 AXG Legion, and this proved to be true in my testing. Shootability was also heavily aided by the excellent trigger and the red dot. The sample gun came with a Sig Romeo 2, which is technically an open-style reflex optic, but comes with a metal hood that makes it an “enclosed” optic that closely mimics a closed emitter. My Romeo 2 version had the 3 MOA circle-dot type reticle, with brightness controlled by easily manipulated buttons on the port side, and a rear sight notch integrated into the housing. The CR2032 battery gives up to 25,000 hours and is serviced via a sled on the right side of the emitter, which means removing the optic to replace the battery is not necessary.

The pistol’s enlarged/flared magwell makes for lightning-quick reloads of the pistol’s extended 21-round magazines, three of which are included. The G10 grip panels and backstrap insert are from Hogue, and their scallop pattern — along with a high-cut beavertail and trigger guard — work exceptionally well to keep your grip planted under recoil.

All the above factors promised good performance at the range, and so was. After initially

Best five-shot 15 and 25-yard groups from the bench; the P320 AXG Legion showed impressive raw accuracy potential.

getting on paper at 10 yards, I shot for accuracy using five different types of 9mm Luger ammo from a bag rest at 15 yards, firing five shots repeated three times on X-marked Mk1, Mod 0 paper plates. As expected, groups averaged 1-1.5 inches, with the best 5-shot group turned in by Freedom Munitions Pro Match 147gr at 0.75 inches. Moving to 25 yards, groups opened a bit to average about two inches, mostly because of occasional flyers on my part, with the best group at 1.4 inches using Federal American Eagle 147-grain FMJ FP. Raw accuracy potential proven, I wanted to see how the Sig P320 AXG Legion might perform in its competition role. With no real competitions available at the time of testing, I attempted to simulate by running a few of my favorite drills that emphasize good enough accuracy and competent gun handling at speed. For this, I used a G-Code competition rig with RTI holster and 147 gr Freedom Munitions RN rounds on an IDPA target. The results were:

– Five-yard Round-Up: 96/100 points
– Baer Solutions (5 yds): 7.97 seconds
– Give Me 5 (x2): 9/10 hits
– Sig TCSs: 6/6 stages passed
– Gunsite 350 school drill: 47 / 50 points

As with all P320s, the trigger module is the actual serialized part of the firearm. And, again, as with all of Sig’s P-series pistols, field stripping is exceedingly easy. Legion-exclusive chevrons can be found atop the slide and on both grip panels.

Not world-class, but a solid performance by any standards, and all done on the first try. I attribute that partly to the characteristics and handling features of the P320 AXG Legion noted above. Recoil was negligible, and the slide recoiled smoothly to facilitate quick follow-up shots, while mag changes were fluid thanks to the mag funnel.
Sig Sauer has taken another step closer to world domination with the P320 AXG Legion. If you have been looking for a top-end 9mm competition pistol straight from the box or just want to own a distinctive piece that will get you into the exclusive Sig Legion club, then this pistol is worth a hard look. See the Sig P320 AXG Legion at your nearest dealer ($1549.99), or for more information, contact Sig Sauer; Tel.: (603) 610-3000; Web:


Action: Striker Fired
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 3.90 inches
Weight: 36.10 ounces
Capacity 21 + 1 Rounds
MSRP $1549.99

During testing, Sig’s “up to a 25-percent reduction in recoil” claim proved reasonably accurate by the seat-of-the-pants meter. Between the flat-shooting recoil characteristics, excellent trigger, ROMEO2 optic, and inherent downrange precision, the P320 AXG Legion is highly competent at putting rounds on target.