Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit

Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit

By: Chris Mudgett

Precision made easy

Ease of installation and tight tolerances are two descriptors not often used together, especially when referring to firearm parts. No one knows that better than the master craftsmen who contribute to the world-class products produced by Wilson Combat.

After separating the lower receiver from the upper, trigger removal is usually as simple as punching out the two trigger pins with the requisite size punch. If you run into trouble getting the trigger out, changing the position of the safety selector, or — worst case — removing the handgrip, accompanying safety-selector spring and detent pin, and finally, the safety selector may be necessary.

Wilson Combat affirms the greatest way to unlock the accuracy potential of your firearm is to either tune or replace the trigger. Triggers are a very personal choice, especially in a rifle. When a shooter makes the decision to modify this part, they should think long and hard about what the rifle’s intended use is going to be; will it be used strictly as a bench rest gun to wring out all the accuracy the platform is capable of, or will it be used to engage multiple targets off-hand at close distances while on the move? The first example would benefit from a two-stage trigger, while the latter, a light single-stage model like the. No matter your choice, Wilson Combat’s line of drop-in, cassette-style Tactical Trigger Unit’s (TTU) offer an easy and precise way to accomplish your trigger goals.

Made from H13 steel, heat treated, and coated in a DLC (diamond-like carbon) for durability, the TTU contains all its components pre-assembled in its CNC machined housing, making it a simple drop-in proposition. Installing the standard Mil-Spec trigger on the right involves finger gymnastics while trying to compress springs and line up trigger-pin holes.

Installing a trigger in an AR15 can be a real pain for some or an intimidating project for others. The worst part is getting the hammer spring positioned properly and then getting everything aligned so your trigger and hammer pins can be inserted. All these parts are under tension, making this a daunting task. Thankfully, there is an easier way.

And here’s the beauty of a cassette-style trigger, particularly in regard to the Wilson Combat TTU trigger — hassle-free installation. Simply drop the trigger into the receiver pocket and push the two trigger pins into position. There are no adjustment screws to mess with; reattach your upper receiver, and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll. A combination of tension springs on the underside of the body and spring clips in the pin bores means there’s no worry of trigger pins working loose.

A cassette-style trigger is a self-contained module that houses all of your springs, trigger shoe, sear, and disconnector that is 100 percent ready to drop into your lower receiver. There is no guesswork or tuning required. You simply order the unit with the type of stage and pull weight you desire, and you’re in business. Disassembly consists of knocking out both trigger pins and removing your old trigger.

The Wilson TTU ($189.95) drops right into your lower receiver in under a minute and is secured using the supplied pins. The proprietary design also eliminates pin rotation and walk-out, while the hammer, trigger, and disconnector all pivot on steel bushings, alleviating all wear and stress on your lower receiver’s pin holes.

No matter which TTU you choose, you’ll be rewarded with a crisp, clean, and light pull, with a reduced reset for fast follow-up shots. And, thanks to unique hammer geometry, you can count on reliable ignition when firing military ammunition. All told, this is a high-performance trigger with bulletproof reliability and no-brainer installation, and it is one of the finest cassette-style triggers we’ve put time behind to date.

The single-stage TTU we installed into our CMMG rifle performs as a precision combat trigger should, with a crisp 4.5lb single-stage trigger pull and no adjustment screws to come loose. All components are overbuilt using virtually indestructible H13 heat-treated steel that’s either been CNC machined or EDM cut to precise tolerances, equating to a drop-in trigger that installs easily and will last a lifetime. We absolutely love the feel of the comfort and feel of the wide trigger shoe, an anomaly in cassette-style triggers. Well done, Wilson Combat! See the TTU trigger line at your nearest stocking dealer, or for more information, contact Wilson Combat: Tel.: (800) 955-4856; Web: www.wilsoncombat.com.