2023 Editor’s Choice Award – Burris Veracity PH Riflescope

Burris Veracity PH Riflescope

A long-range game changer

Burris has come up with an entirely new approach in its Veracity PH riflescopes that I believe will be a game changer, and worthy of this On Target Editors’ Choice Award. The new system employs a variable-illumination Head’s-Up Display (HUD) that shows you all the data you need to make the shot, including turret position in yards, meters, or MOA, as well as rifle angle, rifle cant, and distance-accurate wind holdover. You simply range your target, look through the scope and dial the Programmable Elevation Knob (PEK) to the correct distance without having to move your eye from the scope. It’s fast and, as I discovered in field testing, quite accurate.

The Veracity PH system uses a variable-illumination Head’s-Up Display (HUD) that shows all the critical data needed to make the shot. This includes turret position in yards, meters, or MOA, rifle angle, rifle cant, and distance-accurate wind holdover. Simply range your target and dial the Programmable Elevation Knob (PEK) to the correct distance, and pull the trigger. It’s easy, fast, and proved quite accurate during testing.


The PEK eliminates the need for any mental mathematical gymnastics because you use the BurrisConnect app to upload your rifle data, environmental data and chosen load data via Bluetooth from your cell phone. I especially liked the ability to choose ammo from a factory ammo library. I easily found the load I wanted to pair and uploaded ballistics data, changing only the velocity to match actual measured velocity. The app also lets you produce a customizable dope card so you can confirm that the data in the HUD is correct and even use the scope without the batteries required to power the HUD.

The scope I tested, the Veracity PH 4-20X50, is a first focal plane design with a 30mm tube, zero turn stop adjustment knobs, and a side parallax adjustment knob. Field of view varies from 5.5-26 feet, and eye relief varies from 3.5-4.25 inches. Turret adjustment range is 66 MOA for elevation and 37 MOA for windage. The reticle crosshairs are a progressively thick design. They’re quite fine in the middle but get thicker away from the center to provide for fast target acquisition.

The BurrisConnect app allows you to connect to your riflescope via Bluetooth and upload custom rifle profiles, choose from a vast library of factory-loaded ammunition and each cartridge’s specific ballistic specs, and will automatically input environmental data — all in an effort to make your ultra-important long-range shot as accurate as possible. Zero-stop adjustment knobs to quickly return to the original zero.

I found the quality of the index-matched, multicoated glass to be quite good for a scope in this price category (MSRP $1,199). The scope had very good clarity, color rendition, contrast, edge-to-edge sharpness, and low-light performance. Tracking testing was on the mark. Overall, the scope edged out some more expensive scopes in my collection.

The scope is waterproof and nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging and is covered by the automatically transferrable, no-questions-asked Burris Forever Warranty. See the Burris Veracity PH scope in person at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Burris Optics; Tel.: (888) 440-0244; Web: www.burrisoptics.com. — Mike Dickerson