Holosun SCRS

Holosun SCRS (From $270.58)

Holosun is, without question, one of the hottest red dot manufacturers currently on the market and is also producing some of the most durable optics, in our experience. Just when we thought RDS technology had peaked, Holosun surprised us with a new, more high-tech sight. Alas, the SCRS lineup (Solar Charging Rifle Sight) is an ultra-compact 20mm tube sight designed for long gun applications. The SCRS features light sensors, an advanced auto mode for automatic reticle intensity settings, and a manual mode for those who demand to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to dot intensity. The SCRS is available in four variations: the SCRS GR MRS (green circle-dot reticle), the SCRS RD MRS (red circle-dot reticle), the SCRs GR 2 (green dot reticle), and the SCRS RD 2 (red dot reticle). The SCRS features Shake Awake technology, 12 reticle intensity settings — four of which are compatible with night vision devices — and offers up to 50k hours of operation from its internal rechargeable battery. Its body is constructed of 7075 aluminum and includes a lower 1/3 co-witness, 1.63” mount that uses Holosun’s proven 509T footprint for compatibility with third-party offset RDS mounts. See it at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Holosun; Tel.: (909)594-2888; Web: www.holosun.com