Project: Ultimate-870

Aftermarket Additions

We had Robar install a Vang Comp Systems +2 steel magazine tube extension. Machined from steel bar-stock, it’s solid as a rock and comes with a reversible/removable sling plate and snap ring, extra-power magazine spring and stainless steel magazine follower. We also had a set of Vang Comp ghost ring sights installed. The front sight is a big white dot with a tritium lamp insert and steel protective ears, while the rear sight includes an integrally machined, 7-slot Picatinny rail, single large-aperture ghost ring and adjustment screws for both windage and elevation. Both the magazine tube extension and sight set were coated with burnt bronze Poly T-2. Robar also installed a Vang Comp Remington dome head safety, an oversized, tactical safety selector that makes it easy to insure the gun “on-safe” while wearing gloves, and coated it with NP3.

We supplied our favorite shotgun buttstock and slide and had Robar apply their  non-slip texturing to both. The Magpul SGA buttstock ($109.95) is an ambidextrous, user-configurable buttstock with adjustable length of pull, improved grip ergonomics, recoil-reducing butt-pad, and interchangeable cheek risers for use with optics. We also had them install a Magpul SGA receiver sling mount ($19.95)—after coating it in burnt bronze Poly T-2 of course—as a connection point for an MS3 Paraclip sling attachment. The Magpul MOE M-LOK Forend ($29.95) features an extended length, front/rear hand stops and M-LOK slots for compatibility with all M-LOK accessories.


We tested the Ultimate 870 for accuracy and reliability using Hornady’s new American Whitetail 2.75-inch, 1-ounce slugs (1,600 f.p.s./2,484 ft. lbs.) and Federal Premium Personal Defense 2.75-inch, 9-pellet 00 buckshot (1,145 f.p.s./1,409 ft. lbs.). The outside temperature on the morning of testing was 7 degrees F., so there’s no question that plenty of condensation formed inside the guts of the gun when we took it out of the 70 degree F. truck. We tested the buckshot loads using the ghost ring sights. Patterns averaged a very tight and consistent 10 to 11 inches at 25 yards, with no obvious “fliers”. The slugs were tested at 50 yards using Meopta’s awesome-new Meosight II reflex sight with a 3-MOA red-dot reticle. Our best 3-shot group measured 2.1 inches center to center, with all others printing at or under 3.0 inches. That’s outstanding accuracy for a Foster-type slug from a smoothbore barrel.ROBAR-870-08
The total tab from Robar was $1,437, which included everything except the three Magpul accessories we supplied. For more information contact The Robar Companies; Tel.: (623) 581-2648; E-mail: [email protected]; Web: