Review: Geissele Drop-In AR Triggers

Bill Geissele (pronounced Guys-lee) of Geissele Automatics has to be the most prolific trigger designer in the history of firearms. His company offers dozens of different large- and small-pin semi-auto AR triggers (and selective-fire models for military/LE use), plus a host of others for the FN SCAR, Bushmaster ACR, HK 416/417 and Benelli M4. His AR triggers are so good that an ever increasing number of premium AR manufacturers are installing Geissele triggers as standard equipment in their guns.

For our money, the most important upgrade for any AR is to toss the Mil-Spec trigger and replace it with a Geissele drop-in trigger. Installation is straight forward, and they come with excellent step-by-step instructions. Unless you’re blind, deaf and dumb (as in stupid), you won’t have any trouble installing a Geissele trigger in your AR. Here’s a detailed look at two of our favorite Geissele drop-in AR triggers. You can read about the rest of them on their website (

Flat and Curved Variants.
Flat and Curved Variants.

Super Dynamic Combat Trigger

Geissele-SDC-SSA-03The Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) is a 2-stage, non-adjustable, semi-auto variant of the selective-fire trigger Geissele makes for its customers in the U. S. Special Operations Command. The SD-C ($230) provides a wide safety margin against unintentional discharges, yet still produces a sharp, crisp, repeatable trigger release. Its exclusive, flat trigger bow—patterned after the trigger of an M1911 pistol—reduces perceived pull weight and provides outstanding tactile feedback and trigger control. Reduced 1st- and 2nd-stage pull weights produce a smooth, light 1st-stage take-up and crisp 2nd-stage break with absolutely zero creep or stacking. Trigger pull weight is 4.5 pounds—2.5 pounds in the 1st stage and 2.0 pounds in the 2nd stage.

Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E)

Geissele-SDC-SSA-01The Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) is also a 2-stage, non-adjustable, semi-auto version of Geissele’s USSOCOM selective fire trigger. Built on the company’s Super Semi-Automatic chassis, it’s finely tuned to produce a 3.5-pound pull weight—2.3 pounds on the 1st stage and 1.2 pounds on the 2nd stage.

The SSA-E’s sear surfaces are cut by a wire-EDM machine. A wire-EDM cut sear is very precise, and its non-directional surface finish produces a smooth trigger pull without the grittiness of directional machining marks left by a traditional milling cutter. The combination of a full-force hammer spring and a lightened hammer results in enhanced ignition and a substantially decreased locktime of only 5.1 milliseconds (Mil-Spec locktime averages 8.5 seconds), significantly increasing the accuracy potential of the weapon. The SSA-E is priced at $240 in Mil-Spec pin size. Ask for Geissele triggers at your gun shop, or contact Geissele Automatics, Dept OT; Tel.: (610) 272-2060; Web: