Salute Products Gravity Plate Rack

One of the best (and most fun) practice devices we’ve found to date is the new Gravity Plate Rack from Salute Products. Priced at $699.95 ($799.90 with armored front legs), it offers five head-size (5.5”) round steel plates that lock up and out of sight when hit, plus a reset paddle at the right hand end of the rack. Hit the paddle and all of the plates drop back down into shooting position. It is 73 inches wide, stands 52 inches tall, measures 31 inches front to back, weighs 93 pounds and easily breaks down for transport.

Salute-2-copyMade from the finest AR500 steel armor plate, the unique Gravity Plate Rack and base system is designed to survive everything shooters can throw at it: pistol, shotgun or rifle. The original prototype took months of hammering by Salute staff using full-auto Thompson submachine guns (.45 ACP), AR-15s (5.56 NATO) and AR-10s (7.62 NATO).

The Gravity Plate Rack is made in America, so you don’t have to worry about foreign welds and inferior steel. With strategically designed and placed “weep holes” and angles that drain and divert water, you can leave it outdoors permanently without damage. Target plates are easily reversible so you can shoot both sides to prolong target life. Contact Salute Products, Dept. OT; Tel.: (503) 439-3006; Web: