POF Revolution

The breadth of features on the Gen4 lower-receiver are due an article’s worth of commentary on their own. Starting from the bottom, a POF 4.5-lb. drop in single-stage trigger is held in place with KNS Anti-Walk Pins. Dropping down into the integral trigger guard, placed just forward of the trigger is a convenient, ambi bolt-hold-open button, designed to be depress by the trigger finger. Above that is an ambi bolt-catch button and safety selector. Amazing-looking, CNC-machined aesthetics round out the rest.

For those used to the beefy, oversized versions found in every other AR-10 type platform, this seems very counter-intuitive. Secret metallurgical magic makes the minimal size possible. The whole thing is coated in nickel phosphate, with the bolt chrome plated, and the cam pin being POFs NP3 roller model which improves reliability while not damaging the upper. Next, the barrel nut is an elongated 3-inch, finned, proprietary model that fully supports the chamber of the 7.62 NATO barrel while acting as a vastly improved heat sink as compared with a standard AR barrel nut. In addition, it provides superior rigidity for the whole platform, absorbs higher pressures, and provides extended support for the 5-position, short stroke gas piston. The significant commonality of standard AR parts are shared with the Renegade, the Revolution’s older brother.

The flip side of the lower features an enhanced bolt catch, ambi magazine-release button and safety selector. The magwell is heavily flared in an effort to expedite reloads. Not shown are the receiver tension screws, which insure tight upper-to-lower receiver fit.

Like the Renegade, the Revolution has a one-piece, Gen 4 milled lower receiver with ambi-safety, ambi-bolt release, oversize magwell flare and even KNS anti-rotation pins. The magwell, which of necessity is larger than a standard AR to accommodate the longer 7.62 NATO round, is the only way to outwardly tell you are dealing with something other than a true 5.56mm carbine.

POF’s free floating monolithic Edge handguard interfaces with the upper-receiver’s reinforced backbone and keeps the weight of handguard-mounted accessories from leveraging the barrel. The 14.5-inch handguard is also M-LOCK compatible and Picatinny-rail and QD sling-mount equipped. Extending just past the handguard is a fluted, nitride heat-treated chrome-moly 16.5-inch barrel, topped with an effective Triple-Port compensator. Poking out of the front of the handguard is the 5-position adjustment knob on the POF piston-drive gas system.

The receiver extension is POF’s 7-position anti-tilt model, which in this case supports a Mission First Tactical Battlelink minimalist stock, which complements the MFT EPG16V2 15-degree pistol grip. The upper is POF’s distinctive lightweight Modular Railed Receiver (MRR), which features a free-floating monolithic handguard that slides over the receiver itself. This gives the Revolution a slightly odd humpback look (in a good way) like someone cut a small chunk out of the upper just forward of the castle nut. The octagonal-shaped MRR has a Picatinny rail along the top covering the upper, along with shorter sections permanently located at 12 and 6 o’clock forward. Magpul MLOK slots, QD points at 3 and 9 o’clock, and cooling slots high and low complete the rest of MRR.

Helping contribute to the Revolution’s light, 7.3-pound overall weight is a 6-ounce MFT Battlelink Minimalist adjustable buttstock riding on a POF Anti-Tilt buffer tube, designed to prevent bolt-carrier tilt. Rear QD sling mounts can be found under the stock and in the aluminum receiver end plate. A heavily-textured and steeply-angled MFT Engage Version 2 pistol grip is also standard equipment.

The upper receiver supports a 16.5 inch, 1:10 twist nitride treated barrel, topped with POFs three port muzzle brake, and POFs ambidextrous Tomahawk charging handle. Finally, the trigger is POFs single-stage, drop-in 4.5-lb model. This is arguably the best drop-in trigger out there for the price, with minimal takeup and a very clean break at the advertised weight. Overall, the Revolution is aesthetically a very attractive rifle, and though it does not come with back-up iron sights it has just about every other feature one would expect in a rifle of this quality. It comes in a POF hard case with a single 20-round 7.62NATO/.308 Win. Magpul PMAG.

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